Q? What is EIDSN?
A: EIDSN is the acronym that stands for Eastern Interconnect Data Sharing Network, Inc. We are a Delaware nonstock, nonprofit (501(c)(6)), corporation formed January 13, 2014. EIDSN’s primary purpose is to manage the recently constructed Electric Information Network (EInet), a data-sharing network for its members to promote the reliable and efficient operation of the Eastern and Quebec Interconnections.  EInet transports data necessary to reliably operate the Bulk Electric System (defined as all transmission facilities operating at or above 100kV with certain exceptions — read more) in the eastern half of the United States and Canada.

Q? Who are the members of EIDSN?
A: The members of EIDSN are 12 Reliability Coordinators in the eastern half of the United States and Canada. Reliability Coordinators are entities designated by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) as responsible for the reliable operation of the Bulk Electric System through coordination with the Transmission Owners (TO), Transmission Operators (TOP), Balancing Authorities (BA), Generator Owners (GO), and other NERC-registered entities, as appropriate, within their designated area.

Q? Who can use the Electric Information Network (EInet)?
A:  EInet is used by its members and existing NERCnet node owners.  Entities registered with NERC as a TO, TOP, or BA in the Eastern or Quebec Interconnection that satisfy the criteria for becoming a “Participant” set forth in EIDSN’s bylaws, execute a Network Service Agreement, and are approved by the EIDSN Board of Directors may acquire nodes on EInet.

Q? Who can I contact with further questions about EIDSN?
A: You may contact Richard J. Mandes at rjmandes@eidsn.org or call (866) 619-3426